Saturday, November 03, 2007

Nutter running against George W. Bush?

Michael Nutter is the Democratic candidate for mayor of Philadelphia. His opponent on the ballot Nov. 6 is Philadelphia businessman Al Taubenberger. I guess somebody forgot to tell Nutter.

In newspapers ads this week, Nutter is giving Philadelphia three reasons why they should vote for him.

One of those reasons is that George W. Bush won't like it if Michael Nutter is elected mayor of Philadelphia. I kid you not. That's the best the Nutter campaign could do?

First, I don't think George W. Bush knows (or cares) who Michael Nutter is. A Democrat winning the mayoral race in a city that is 99 percent Democrat isn't going to faze George W. Bush.

Second, the running against George W. Bush strategy is so yesterday. Democrats were successful in last year's Congressional elections by linking Republican candidates with Bush, but going after the president in a mayoral race is just plain stupid.

Is this the best Nutter can do?

I can see current Mayor John Street, who couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat, coming up with a asinine campaign against the president, but I had more hope for Nutter.

Guess I was wrong. If you're looking for an alternative to Nutty Nutter, cast a vote for Taubenberger. Here's some information about the Republican candidate.


TheBitterAmerican said...

Yeah,...that advert kinda made me pause for a moment. Its not like Nutter isn't going to win, why start the same old DNC-sponsored "Blame Bush for Everything" BS??

Anonymous said...

The same crappy tactic was used while Street was running for re-election. The bug was discovered and Democrats held up the boogeyman of Bush and his Republican henchmen as the culprits. The liberal electorate of Philadelphia cut off their noses to spite their faces and ushered the less-than-honest John back into office.

...So what happened?

John bides his time in office waiting for the iPhone to come out, and suddenlty the media who supported Street starts to cry for reform. "We need to get past the corruption" of the man they supported in the two monopolistic newspapers in town. We need Fluffer Nutter! It kind of reminds me of when Khrushchev denounced Stalin.