Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Best and Worst Movies of 2007 According to Me

I know all those snooty film critics are preparing their Top 10 Films of the Year lists, but who are you going to listen to? How many of those movies are you ever going to see? Have I ever steered you wrong? If you're looking for a good movie to rent, check out my recommendations below.

I'm willing to give any movie a try, even those foreign ones with the annoying subtitles. Here's a list of the best movies I've seen in 2007 (and some turkeys):

My Top 10...

300 (I have some relatives living in Sparta)
Meet The Robinsons
Bee Movie
Ratatouille (Yes, I love computer animation)
Ghost Rider (Nicholas Cage is believable as a flaming skull biker. What an actor)
Black Book (Outstanding but overlooked WWII drama. Don't let the nudity of the film's knockout female lead stop you from seeing one of the most tense dramas of the year. You never see the ending coming.)
Hot Fuzz (Funniest movie of the year. From the guys who brought you "Shaun of the Dead")
Next (you can tell I like Nicholas Cage)
Black Snake Moan (Christina Ricci in chains? What's not to like? This movie was poorly marketed. It's one of the best dramatic films of the year and both Ricci and Samuel L. Jackson deserve Oscar nominations.)

Worth picking up the DVD at the rental store...

Evan Almighty
Smokin' Aces
Catch and Release
Reno 911!: Miami
Norbit (Eddie Murphy in a fat suit again? But this time he's really funny)
Music and Lyrics (This really surprised me. I like Hugh Grant, but I can't stand Drew Barrymore, but together they make this romantic comedy worth watching.)
The Astronaut Farmer (Doesn't matter how dumb the plot, Billy Bob is watchable in almost anything)
The Last Mimzy (Based on a children's book, but I liked it)
Surf's Up
Pathfinder: Legend of the Ghost Warrior (What can I say? I love Viking movies)

The worst movies I've seen this year...

The Condemned
Bridge to Terabithia (Maybe I should have read the book first, but this was marketed as a children's fantasy film. Be warned. The subject matter is very dark.)
Shrek The Third (All the charm of the first too films is gone. Strictly merchandising.)
The Fountain (Did you ever spend two hours watching a movie and then realize you can't describe what you just saw. This is awful.)
Epic Movie (Never laughed once)
Happily N'Ever After (Yes, there is such as thing as bad computer animation)


Blah Society said...

You should put the amount of time into your blogs as you do your movie reviews.

Mercury Muncher said...

completely agree with Black Snake Moan. but Ghost Rider? While Cage performed well, I thought the movie fell flat on its face. Although it was a bootleg copy I got from my brother's friend's dad..

and good call on shrek 3! Glad someone agrees with me.