Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Russ Diamond writes a book

Musician, businessman, politician, citizen activist, revolutionary.

Russ Diamond has been a lot of things during his 44 years. Add author to the list.

The founder of PACleanSweep, which led the fight to repeal the July 2005 pay raise and punish members of the Legislature for their betrayal of the public trust, Diamond has chronicled his efforts to reform state government in a new book, "Tip of the Spear."

Subtitled, "A Unique Perspective on Pennsylvania's Political Revolution," the 452-page book retails for $19.95.

As someone who has followed Diamond's career since 2005 (yes, that is my blurb on the back cover), I'm anxious to read the book.

You can order a copy at

The Web site also offers excerpts from the book until your copy arrives.

Makes a wonderful holiday gift for that political revolutionary in your life.

I'm sure Russ Diamond is sending autographed copies of the book to Gov. Rendell, Chief Justice Cappy and members of the Legislature his group helped oust. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

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