Thursday, November 29, 2007

Your right to celebrate Christmas

The American Center for Law and Justice, a sane alternative to the far left ACLU, has set up a special section on its Web site called the Christmas Resource Center.

"We want to make sure (people) are fully aware of what is permissible when it comes to celebrating the Christmas holiday according to (their) religious beliefs," says ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Alan Sekulow.

This is the time the secular Grinches come out of the woodwork and attempt to spoil Christmas celebrations in communities and schools.

The online Christmas Resource Center helps find answers - clearly spelled out - to the most common questions the ACLJ receives this time of year regarding legal rights to celebrate Christmas.

The site includes sample letters parents and students can use to educate school administrators about the proper way students can express their religious beliefs in school during the holiday season.

"I encourage you to visit this valuable online Christmas Resource Center and know your rights ... and the rights of your children or grandchildren ... when it comes to celebrating Christmas," Sekulow says.

You can learn more at the ACLJ Web site or you can also call the ACLJ at 757-226-2489.

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