Monday, November 19, 2007

Talk is not cheap

I came across an interesting article by Kori Walter of The Bucks County Courier-Times about a consultant who collects $25,000 a month in taxpayer dollars for offering advice to House Majority Leader Bill DeWeese.

Here's the rub. The firm does not put its advice down on paper. It's all done verbally.

No paper trail. This is brilliant. The last thing DeWeese and other top Democrats need is more evidence Attorney General Tom Corbett can use against them in the ongoing bonusgate scandal.

You have to read this story in today's Courier-Times to fully grasp what a cesspool of corruption we have in Harrisburg.

The consultant, William G. Chadwick, specializes in risk management, as in how far are House Democrats willing to go before they risk losing their 1-seat majority in the state House. Or what's the risk of DeWeese losing re-election in 2008 (he barely won his seat in 2006 and that was before everyone found out about the bonus scandal.)

An open-ended $300,000 a year contract for a firm that provides nothing in writing. Does DeWeese have to meet Chadwick in a parking garage to get this expensive advice?

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