Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Can you trust lefty bloggers?

I came across an interesting article on a blog called AGORA VOX: The Citizen Media about the difference between conservative blogs and liberal blogs.

The crux of the writer's argument, at least the way I read it, is that conservative blogs help deliver truth in a world where the mainstream media is biased while liberal blogs help perpetuate the bias.

Read the article by Werner Patels for yourself to see if it makes sense.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for leading readers to that article. What a terrific piece! I've always felt that this country has been suffering from an institutionalized rebellion be it from the start of rock'n'roll or Brando decked out in leather in "The Wild One." This prolonged adolesence has grown really tiresome. The hippies, hippies' children and grandchildren of the hippies are the establishment. Conservatives are the real rebels.

E in MD said...

Thank you for the laugh, but I wish I'd put down my cup first! I now have to clean tea out of my keyboard.

E in MD said...

Thanks for the laugh but I wish I'd put my cup down first. Now i need a paper towel to clean off my keyboard.