Friday, November 02, 2007

One more reason to vote Republican

The ultra-left Philadelphia Daily News has endorsed five candidates in Pennsylvania judicial races.

The Daily News editorial board is asking readers to elect two Democrats to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and three Democrats to the Pennsylvania Superior Court.

Five open seats. Five Democrats. You'd think there would be at least one Republican better qualified to fill even one those five seats. What are the odds that the five best candidates running this year would all be Democrats?

Maybe I should ask a better question. When was the last time the Daily News endorsed a Republican?

Judicial races are supposed to be non-partisan. But it's the far left media that perpetuates partisanship in judicial elections. "Democrats are good, Republicans are bad," is the mantra the liberal media has been pushing for years.

Does Pennsylvania need to stack its courts with more liberal judges?

We know what a far left newspaper thinks. If you want the alternative, the Republican candidates for Supreme Court are Maureen Lally-Green and Mike Krancer. The GOP candidates for Superior Court are Cheryl Lynn Allen, Bruce Bratton and Jackie Shogan.

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