Friday, November 23, 2007

Extreme Makeover: Rendell Edition

You know things must be slow in the state capital when the daily newspaper in Harrisburg is fussing about Gov. Ed Rendell's "new look."

Rendell, who has never been mistaken for pretty-boy John Edwards or even Mitt Romney, did not get to where he is on his looks.

But Jan Murphy can't help but wonder why Rendell looks different in a recent article, "Rendell sports new look, and maybe, new hair color."

Murphy speculates Rendell may have had a dye job and even interviews a Harrisburg-area salon operator for a professional opinion on Rendell's new look.

Political pundit Terry Madonna, whose own hair often has a life of its own, is also quoted in Murphy's story to provide more credibility I guess.

Maybe Rendell is trying to look good for his next potential employer, President Hillary Clinton?

Here are some recent photos of Rendell. You be the judge.

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