Friday, November 30, 2007

Dear Santa letter

Bill McIntyre, one of my favorite citizen activists, has penned a letter to Santa. The Camp Hill resident has a Christmas wish list for Santa, asking for better government in Pennsylvania. If you're not on McIntyre's e-mail list, here's a copy of his letter below.

November 29, 2007
To: Santa Claus
North Pole
Subject: Christmas List

Dear Santa,

It's been over 65 years since I last wrote to you. I know you get many letters this time of year requesting various items and toys. I also know you read them as, when I was young; you always brought me what I wanted the most. Thank You!

I write again; but not for toys or personal items. Fortunately, I'm able to buy the needed items presently; but for how long is the question. You see, I live in Pennsylvania. We've so many problems here; I'm turning to you for assistance since you’ve never failed me before.

I've wrote letter after letter to our government officials since they celebrated their own Christmas back on July 7, 2005. The majority were bad boys and girls and had to return their gift of a pay raise. Many were good and voted against the raid on our treasury and refused to accept the illegal vouchers. Some are still bad. I'll let them write to you.

In my 74 years of celebrating Christmas; I've received enough personal gifts. This year I write, just not for me, but for the over 12 million other citizens and taxpayers of Pennsylvania. We’ve paid for much and received little in return.

You see, the many bad boys and girls who govern us are mean, stingy, self-centered and think only of themselves and their own welfare. They outnumber the good boys and girls in government who have done and are doing the proper thing. Please reward the good ones by returning them to office.

My wish list for Christmas 2007 follows, in no special order. If I listed everything we wanted and needed, this would take pages, but I know you’re very busy and will keep it very short.

REFORM – A Constitutional Convention is needed. Our present legislators can't or won't do it.

OPEN RECORDS – A simple request to see what our officials (employees) are doing (and not doing).

REPEAL ACT 44 – The bad boys and girls forced it upon us. Shame on them! Again they failed us.

That's short enough for now. Oh, one last request. Please help the bad boys and girls by bringing them a conscience, common sense, some ethics and loyalty to those who placed them in office. They are too absorbed in themselves to know they're missing these attributes.

Am I being harsh and cruel? Not really. Truthful is more realistic. Santa doesn't come to those who exhibit deceit and deception for personal gain. He does come to the good boys and girls who are honest and forthright.

Thank you and best wishes,

Bill McIntyre
Who was good this year and will be better next year

CC: All the Good and Bad Government Officials in the 3 Branches of PA's Government; All the Good People in My Address Book

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