Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Democratic hype fizzles: GOP keeps control of SE Pennsylvania counties

The pundits were wrong. The liberal newspapers were wrong. Ed Rendell was wrong.

I was right.

I told you how the much-watched race for Montgomery County Commissioner was going to turn out. Bruce Castor and Jim Matthews would form a Republican majority and Democrat Joe Hoeffel would bump Ruth Damsker off for the third spot.

The Democrats spent $1.5 million on the Montco commissioners' race and all they managed to accomplish was to substitute one liberal Democrat for another.

I told you how Berks County was going to turn out. Republicans Mark Scott and Christian Leinbach would return GOP control to the commissioners' board with Kevin Barnhardt bumping off incumbent Democrat Tom Gajewski.

And Chester County kept Republican control of the commissioners with incumbent Carol Aichele and Terence Farrell beating back two well-financed Democrats.

Even Bucks County, which the pundits said would probably go to the Democrats, stayed in Republican control.

Except for a smattering of row office wins in the four counties, the much-hyped Democratic machine broke down on Tuesday. Two of the state's most liberal newspapers, The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette devoted tons of space over the weekend predicting a Democratic sweep of Southeast Pennsylvania races. Didn't happen.

Four-for-four for the GOP. (Throw in Delaware County and it's five-for-five). So much for all the hype.

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