Thursday, November 01, 2007

How Democrats win elections

If you've ever wondered how Democrats run up big numbers in elections from large cities, this report from Pittsburgh television station WPXI Channel 11 sheds some light on the mystery.

The "Ghost Voters" phenomenon helps explain how Gov. Ed Rendell was elected governor of Pennsylvania primarily by voters in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

There's also an interesting post at the American Thinker blog about the well-orchestrated effort by Democrats and their allies to win elections by cheating.

Michelle Malkin also asks why the left-wing media ignored the story about ACORN members pleading guilty in Washington state to criminal charges involving voter fraud.

In Pennsylvania, Republican lawmakers plan to introduce a Voter ID bill, but may have a difficult time getting it through the Democratic-controlled House.

State Sen. Bob Regola, a Republican from the Pittsburgh area, said Wednesday he will introduce legislation (Senate Bill 1148) to require voters to show photo identification before they cast their ballots.

"One of our basic rights as Americans is the right to vote. Unfortunately, it is also one that is currently open to fraud and abuse," Sen. Regola said. "It is relatively easy for someone to walk into a polling place and cast a ballot using someone else’s name and voting information. My legislation is a very basic protection to uphold the integrity of the election process in Pennsylvania."

Imagine that. A voter having to show proof of who they are, or in places like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, proof that they're alive, to cast a vote. What a novel concept.

Read more about Sen. Regola's Voter ID bill at his Web site.

This isn't the first time Republicans attempted to deal with voter fraud in Pennsylvania. A bill to require a photo ID at the polls was approved in 2006 (when Republicans controlled the state House), but Gov. Ed Rendell vetoed the bill. See earlier reference about how Rendell won the governorship.

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