Thursday, December 06, 2007

'Worthless' is putting it mildly

I love the headline over the story in today's Harrisburg Patriot-News about the shenanigans in the state House of Representatives on Wednesday.

"A 'worthless day' for House" by Charles Thompson and Jan Murphy details the inability of the political aristocracy in Harrisburg to do its job. The black caucus walked out of the debate on open records because it can't get its way on gun control. The House leadership, facing criminal indictments and an internal revolt, is so fearful of a coup that the entire session was adjourned.

This is the most expensive state legislature in the country, folks. And don't forget that the the 253 members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly just accepted a pay raise, their 12th one in 12 years, bringing the starting salary to $76,000.

Are we getting our money's worth? What do you think? also recaps the insanity in the House in a post titled, "It's enough to drive you nuts"

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