Thursday, December 20, 2007

An Open Letter to Jim Matthews

Chris Freind has penned an "Open Letter to Montgomery County Commissioner Jim Matthews" posted at, "Pennsylvania's Marketplace of Ideas."

Freind, a columnist for The Philadelphia Bulletin, asks some pertinent questions about Matthews' betrayal of 85,000 Republican voters in Montgomery County by giving liberal Democrat Joe Hoeffel a much larger role in county government than voters wanted.

Freind makes an interesting observation about Matthews' future: "Who will want to share a foxhole with Jim Matthews? The silence is deafening. Don't be surprised if Bruce Castor -- remember him; he was your running mate -- becomes more powerful than you and Hoeffel combined. The electorate is funny that way. They may not care about greed, corruption or even bad policy, but they don't take well to traitors."

It's worth reading. Click here to see the full letter.

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