Monday, December 24, 2007

Which Pennsylvania politician had the worst year ever in 2007?

I already know the answer, but I'm curious what others think. Which Pennsylvania politician had the worst year ever in 2007? Take a second and vote in the poll at the top left of this page. You have four choices, listed in alphabetical order:

1) Democratic House Majority Leader Rep. Bill DeWeese, embroiled in scandal throughout 2007, the biggest of which is "Bonusgate," in which state employees sent time working on political campaigns while collecting paychecks from taxpayers. Current and former Democratic legislative leaders are facing criminal indictments in 2008 over the incident. DeWeese could be the biggest fish snared by the attorney general.

2) Sen. Vince Fumo is facing a 139-count federal indictment for fraud and corruption, centered around $1 million in taxpayer money he allegedly used for personal gain. He had enough pull to get this trial moved back beyond the April 22 primary, but he is facing a strong challenge from a reform candidate, Anne Dicker

3) Rep. John Perzel was ousted as Speaker of the House in January largely by a revolt from his own Republican House members. He was given the title of "speaker emeritus" but Perzel went from the most powerful politician in Pennsylvania in 2006 to one of 203 House members in 2007. His hopes for the governor's office were also dashed.

4) Gov. Ed Rendell came off a landslide re-election victory in 2006, but lost his political magic in 2007. He has been unable to get any of his initiatives through the Legislature. Revelations about mismanagement and waste during his administration are coming out daily. Rendell had to return money from indicted Democratic fund-raiser Norman Hsu. And Rendell has been tabloid fodder over his relationship with a blonde lobbyists for the film industry and a out-of-control anchorwoman Alycia Lane.

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