Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Another reason property taxes are so high

The newspaper in Altoona did an analysis of school superintendent contracts. The Altoona Mirror looked at most of the state's 501 school districts.

The newspaper obtained the actual contracts of all the superintendents and has them posted at its Web site.

"In addition to the already-publicized salaries are benefits and perks that often last into retirement," according to the newspaper.

That means taxpayers often end up paying for mistakes made by their elected school board members, who turn into doormats when it comes to handing out salary and perks to superintendents.

You have to read this scandalous report. Here's the link to the newspaper's Web site,

The newspaper's findings about excessive compensation for school administrators are similar to what I wrote about in January 2007 in a column titled, "The Other Half of the School Tax Problem"

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