Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jim Matthews' treachery against GOP

I have a full column today analyzing the betrayal of the Republican Party by Montgomery County Commissioner Jim Matthews in today's edition of The Mercury.

You can read the online edition by going to The Mercury Web site at

You can read more details about the new Axis of Evil formed by Matthews and liberal Democrat Joe Hoeffel in a story by Montgomery County Courthouse reporter Margaret Gibbons.

There's also lively discussions taking place at both and

A quick perusal of the dozens of comments left at those sites shows nearly universal condemnation of "Turncoat" Jim Matthews.

Montgomery County voters rejected the Joe Hoeffel-Ruth Damsker platform of bigger government and higher taxes when they elected the Republican team of Bruce Castor and Jim Matthews as a majority on the three-member county commissioner board. Matthews went against the will of the people in making a deal to share power with Hoeffel.

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