Friday, December 28, 2007

10 callers in 50 minutes

If you didn't get a chance to listen to WPAZ 1370 AM Thursday afternoon, you missed a good show.

Being the end of the year, I expected to be doing a monologue for the entire 50 minutes I was on the air (you have to allow for news, weather and traffic breaks during the one-hour slot). But to my pleasant surprise, I had 10 callers during the hour.

Only two of the callers were familiar voices (people who called the show before.)

Three of the callers wanted to discuss how Gov. Ed Rendell is planning screw state retirees in 2008 by cutting back on their health coverage. Odd that Rendell would take away benefits from retirees when he's also pushing to cover all Pennsylvanians, isn't it?

Thanks to everyone who called in with questions or comments. It makes the hour go by much faster when you call.

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