Saturday, December 29, 2007

Rendells planning a dictatorship in 2008?

I had a hard time believing this when I first saw it at two of my favorite blogs, Is This Life? and, but I tracked down the source of the information at state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe's Web site, so it must be true.

Metcalfe posted an article called "Judge Rendell Endorses Dictatorship" in which Mrs. Edward G. Rendell, aka Judge Midge, advocates a dictatorship for her husband, the governor.

Apparently that's the only way Rendell can get his way despite having a Democratic majority in the state House.

Mrs. Rendell's "benevolent dictatorship" comments were made at a Nov. 8, 2007, panel discussion in Philadelphia by The National Association of Women Judges.

Judge Midge told the audience that a "benevolent dictator" like her husband could solve all the state's problems.

"The arrogance of Mrs. Rendell's comments expose the liberal core beliefs of her and her husband that have been evident through the actions of the tax, borrow and spend Rendell administration," writes Metcalfe, a Republican from Butler County.

"Elitists, like the Rendells, attempt to lead people to believe that only they themselves know what is best for 'we the people.' When our representative government works by stopping tax increases, socialized medicine, gun control and amnesty for illegal aliens, the liberals cry 'gridlock' because they are not getting their way," Metcalfe writes.

Read the full commentary at Metcalfe's Web site,

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