Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jim Matthews betrays Republican voters

It appears "Republican" Montgomery County Commissioner Jim Matthews has sealed his deal with the devil.

How is Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Ken Davis going to weasel out of this one? His candidate will share power with a liberal Democrat after Montgomery County voters made it clear they want Republican control of the Board of Commissioners?

There's no place for Matthews and Davis (and their puppet-master, Bob Asher) to hide.

Read more about Matthews alliance with Joe Hoeffel in today's edition of The Mercury.

Matthews may think he's won something by giving Hoeffel a say in county government, but Matthews has lost what little credibility he had with voters. He has also set in motion the Democratic takeover of county government in four years. Matthews is now a political pariah. Matthews will never win another election, in Montgomery County or statewide. Voters simply can't trust this guy.

You don't make a deal with Democrats when your party wins majority control. This is Politics 101 and Matthews has flunked. We're dealing with liberal Joe Hoeffel, Ed Rendell's pal.

Matthews accused Hoeffel of "picking your pockets with higher taxes" during the campaign. In one campaign ad, Matthews said "Hoeffel is proud he raised our taxes." What happens when Hoeffel wants to raise taxes? Will Matthews provide the second vote?

And didn't Joe Hoeffel accuse Matthews of corruption? What does that say about Hoeffel's character if he's now willing to work with Matthews?

It appears Matthews and Hoeffel were made for each other. Career politicians without a shred of integrity between them.

It's time for the rank-and-file GOP to kick Matthews, Davis and Asher out of the Republican Party. They want to get into bed with a liberal Democrat? Fine. But don't pretend you're Republicans. The trio has already slapped every Republican voter in the face by making the deal with Hoeffel.


Anonymous said...

Even though I live in Berks County as a casual observer I find Matthews' betrayal of the Montgomery Co. Republicans stunning. I agree with you. Matthews, Davis and Asher should be run out of the Republican Party immediately. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Matthews doesn't switch parties within the next couple months. This whole thing is disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

Mario Mele did the same thing back in 1992 when he joined forces with Hoeffel, and shoved Jon Fox out of power. The entire party was pissed, yet that guy was re-elected.