Saturday, December 29, 2007

More proof the political system is rigged

If you want more proof that the Political Class has usurped the power of the people in Pennsylvania, look no further than the latest ruling by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

The court rejected an appeal by citizen activist Gene Stilp asking for an accounting of $300 million in tax dollars hidden in Legislative slush funds. Stilp argued that the Auditor General in Pennsylvania has the authority to audit the Legislative slush funds. The court rejected Stilp's argument.

Imagine that. Pennsylvania taxpayers don't have a right to know how their elected representatives spend tax dollars. I must have a different copy of the Pennsylvania Constitution than the one the state Supreme Court is reading.

This is but the latest example of how the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of Pennsylvania government have conspired to exclude the people of Pennsylvania from their government. Do I have to mention the July 7, 2005, pay raise vote that the three branches conspired on?

This is why activists called on Pennsylvania voters to turn out all judges on the November ballot.

It's also interesting to see the quote by the state's new chief justice, Ron Castille, whose contempt for open government and accountability is evident:

"The fact that Stilp has a different view of the auditor general's authority, or the role of his office, does not make him better situated than the official," Castille wrote in the 14-page decision. "Nor do Stilp's self-serving assertions of his own status, and his gratuitous denigration of elected officials, make him an appropriate party to litigate any question concerning the duties attendant upon an elective office."

The court can issue a ruling without comment, but Castille had to get a personal dig at Stilp. Castille is not much of an improvement from the last chief justice, Ralph Cappy, who was run off the court by Pennsylvania citizens for his undying support of the unconstitutional pay raise he backed.

Read about Stilp's case in this Associated Press story published in The Mercury.

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Anonymous said...

It sure looks like payback time.
this is but one of the many disreguard for the people of pennsylvania.
wayne mickletz