Monday, October 08, 2007

Tom Gajewski under siege

Incumbent Democratic Berks County Commissioner Tom Gajewski is getting it from all sides these days.

Not only is he facing two tough Republican opponents in the Nov. 6 election in Mark Scott and Christian Leinbach, but Gajewski appears to have been abandoned by his own party.

If Democrats have to spend the next four years as the minority party on the commissioners' board (and it's looking more like that will happen) they don't want Gajewski to be their lone representative.

Party money and endorsements are going to Democratic newcomer Kevin Barnhardt, who won't campaign with Gajewski.

There's plenty of reasons why Gajewski has been his own worst enemy over the past four years. Check out this posting today at PAWatercooler, which reprints letters complaining about Gajewski's behavior. Gajewski doesn't have the temperament to serve in public office.

Gajewski also has to answer for the 34 percent property tax hike he voted for two years ago. See my previous post, Gajewski has to defend 34-percent tax hike or Taxes could be downfall for Berks Democrats.

The plan to eliminate property taxes statewide has its origins in Berks County. Voters won't forget that Gajewski is a tax-and-spend liberal who has been collecting a check from taxpayers for more than 30 years. Gajewski's gravy train should come to end end on Nov. 6.

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