Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rowley collects top endorsements for Berks judge

Two Republicans are battling for an open seat on the Berks County Court of Common Pleas.

The Nov. 6 contest came about as a result of the May primary. Republican attorney Tim Rowley won the Democratic nomination, but narrowly lost the Republican nomination to fellow Republican attorney Ron Stanko, the former chairman of the Berks County Republican Party.

Because judges are permitted by state law to cross-file in both Republican and Democratic primaries, some elections aren't resolved until the November ballots are counted.

Rowley appears to have the edge going into the November election.

He is able to appeal to Democrats more than Stanko. Rowley also appears to be taking the contest more seriously than Stanko. Rowley has a Web site, Stanko does not. Rowley has more signs up around the county. Rowley has also received more endorsements than Stanko.

Rowley has received backing from every Berks County organization that evaluates candidates for judge, including:

Berks County Fraternal Order of Police
Berks County Constables Association
Firearms Owners Against Crime
The Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA)
The United Labor Council of Reading and Berks County
Home Builders Association of Berks County and
Recommended by 95% of the Berks County Bar Association

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