Monday, October 15, 2007

37,000 visitors to Tony Phyrillas ... and counting

My stat counter is working overtime these days. I've picked up another 1,0000 unique visitors to Tony Phyrillas in less than 5 days, bringing my total for the year to 37,000 unique visitors and 51,000 page views overall.

The big draw over the past 5 days was a posting about the e-mail hoax going around Pennsylvania warning motorists that the state had banned cell phone use by drivers. That didn't happen -- at least not yet. A bill was introduce, but hasn't come up for a vote yet. That article received more than 400 visits on Friday alone. And visitors continued checking out this site over the weekend, doubling my normal weekend traffic. Thanks to State Rep. Tom Quigley for making me aware of the hoax e-mail.

The other popular posting was my suggestion that Montgomery County Commissioner candidates Bruce L. Castor Jr. and Joseph M. Hoeffel III engage in a duel to settle their differences, a la Burr-Hamilton. I heard from Bruce Castor since the posting. He reminded me that he is proficient with firearms. No word from Hoeffel. Maybe they should try swords to make the duel more fair.

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