Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Berks County GOP discovers the Internet

Legend has it Al Gore invented the Internet. At least that's what Al Gore has been telling people.

Like the global warming lies Al Gore has been peddling, the former vice president may be stretching the truth about his involvement in creating the World Wide Web.

What is certain is that the Internet is often the key to winning elections these days.

Somebody should have tipped off the Berks County Republican Committee about this Internet thing. The party hasn't had a working Web site in at least three years.

Creating a Web site was not a priority for two of the last three county party chairman. But under Mark Gillen, who took over in the spring, putting the Berks GOP online became a priority.

The party is back online at

This is one of the first tangible signs of progress for the party under Gillen's leadership.

The party's former Web site was sabotaged(and everyone knows who did it).

The new site is a bare-bones operation so far, but Gillen promises more features down the road. (Promoting the party's fall dinner would be a good idea).

In the meantime,you can find out who the Republican countywide candidates for the Nov. 6 election are by going to the site, which also has contact information for elected officials and a few other links.

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