Friday, September 14, 2007

Peter Paul and Hillary ... plus Ed Rendell

Another day, another fundraising scandal involving Pennsylvania Gov. Edward G. Rendell and presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton.

And to think we still have 14 more months to go until the 2008 election.

Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Chairman Robert A. Gleason Jr. issued a press release late Friday with the humorous headline of "Fast Eddie robs Peter Paul to pay Hillary."

But there's nothing funny about another fund-raising scandal involving Mrs. Clinton and Gov. Rendell, the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and a top fundraiser for the party.

What was it Nancy Pelosi said about "draining the swamp"? Maybe the swamp leads all the way up to Harrisburg.

Peter Paul alleges that Ed Rendell, then Chairman of the Democrat National Committee, told him to lie about his involvement with a 2000 Clinton for Senate fundraiser, according to a story published Friday in The Wall Street Journal.

"Apparently, when Sen. Clinton and Gov. Rendell need campaign donations, they dial up the list of America’s most wanted as their list of supporters," Gleason said. "Americans need to look long and hard at all of the recent stories involving Sen. Clinton and Gov. Rendell's relationship with shady donors, especially after they both took hundreds of thousands from felon Norman Hsu.

Clinton and Rendell should come clean about the latest scandal, Gleason said.

"I find the allegations that Gov. Rendell, then Chairman of the Democratic National Party, asked Peter Paul to lie about his involvement in the Hollywood fundraiser deplorable! Although deplorable, it is not that surprising, considering Gov. Rendell has been quick to lie to Pennsylvanians about numerous things, including his campaign promise to deliver lower taxes.

"If Gov. Rendell thinks that Norman Hsu was one of the 10 best people he ever met, where does Peter Paul rank? I believe that a person running for president or a governor of a state should be a good judge of character, and clearly Sen. Clinton and Gov. Rendell are not!"

According to Friday's Wall Street Journal, Hillary Clinton's 2000 Senate campaign held a fundraiser in Hollywood organized by Peter Paul.

Paul is suing both Bill and Hillary Clinton claiming that he was misled into spending over $1 million organizing a fundraiser for her campaign based on the promise that Bill Clinton would become his business associate after he left the White House.

To read the full story, "For Clinton, 2000 Fundraising Controversy Lingers," in The Wall Street Journal, click here.

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