Monday, February 23, 2009

'The World's Biggest Economic Jumper Cables' is running full-page ads today in several newspapers promoting a national sales tax to replace the complicated and burdensome income tax.

"We're just saying in print what a lot of Americans feel -- the FairTax can solve the economic crisis," said spokesman Ken Hoagland.

If the U.S. is looking for a real stimulus to jump-start the economy, a national retail sales tax is the way to go, the group argues.

"The United States becomes the most favorable business climate in the world when we eliminate corporate and capital gains taxes," Hoagland said. "That means job creation, capital formation and a stock market that goes up in stead of down.Even better, the positive effects of the FairTax are almost immediate."

Read more about the group's efforts at the link below:

FairTax Promises Economic Shock Therapy


Nick said...

What a truly awful idea. I can see looking for a flat income tax, much like Russia did (with windfall results) in the 90's, but why with our economy in the dump would we want to institute a consumption tax? High sales taxes, with low or non-existent income taxes, have been tried in Europe for years and their economy has always been well behind ours.

Anonymous said...

For the last four months I have spent countless hours examining the fairtax proposal and I believe it is the one change that can bring our nation and economy back to where it should be. It is not without some fault but is much better than where we are now and at the same time it gives the individual the opportunity to budget his affairs more responsibly.