Friday, February 20, 2009

Group exposes 'stimulus' as a Democratic pork bill

The American Issues Project has launched a television ad campaign that highlights the failure of the pork-laden "stimulus" bill to stimulate the economy.

From Ed Martin, the group's president:
"Washington is, once again, out of touch with the American people. Congress has used the anxiety of the American people as a vehicle for appeasing special interest groups and financing their pork projects back home. This type of spending has no place within emergency legislation intended to jump-start the economy."
The ad, which is running on FOX News, CNN, CNN Headline News, CNBC and FOX Business Network, also showcases examples of the billions spent on pork projects -- including golf carts, fish hatcheries and remodeled federal offices -- and targets Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer for his claim on the Senate floor that "the American people really don't care" about "porky amendments."

Read more about the group's efforts at the link below:

New Ad 'Every Single Day' Says the Excessive Spending Spree Must Stop

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