Monday, February 23, 2009

Scary stuff

Knowing what we know now about Barack Obama's first 30 days as president, if the election were held today, would John McCain win? I think so. I believe millions of Obama voters are sobering up and beginning to realize what a terrible mistake they made on Nov. 4, 2008. They fell for the Obama charm and didn't realize the kind of damage he would do to the United States.

From a Colin McNickle column in The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:
History will show that the Obama-Dimmycrat Socialist Complex "Stimulus" Plan led us into a second Great Depression. At least one esteemed (or is it "steamed"?) economist thinks it will be in full force by the end of the second quarter. After all, it's the usual consequence of such massive interventionism.

As late Austrian economics pioneer Ludwig von Mises reminded in 1940, "Interventionist measures lead to conditions which ... are actually less desirable than those they are designed to alleviate.

"They create unemployment, depression, monopoly, distress. ... (And) if they stubbornly persist in the attempt to compensate by further interventions for the shortcomings of earlier interventions, they will find eventually that they have adopted socialism."

Why do we continually refuse to learn from history?


Postmillennial Pete's Pointy Perineum said...

You lost because you suck, and now you're whining. Real Men, you conservatives. Do you really think that, when the chips are down, we need a president who would do something as erratic and bizarre as nominate Caribou Barbie? Yeah, politico-religionism can solve the biggest financial crisis in history.

Anonymous said...

The boat we are on is sinking.
It isn't the captain's fault that The ship is built from bad steel.
Who certified the ship as seaworthy?
Who maintains the ship?
We are paying for our very bad decision to go off the gold standard - that wealth we "created" was as fake as the monopoly money you just used buy your coffee.

Anonymous said...

WEll, I agree, but - there is not enough gold in existence for every American (let alone every person in the world) to own a single $50 gold coin.

Explain to me how an economy would work without even a minimal amount of money.