Thursday, February 26, 2009

'Talking Politics' on the radio today

Be sure to tune in to "Talking Politics with Tony Phyrillas & Mike Pincus" today at 5 p.m. on WPAZ 1370 AM

Topics for this week's show include the huge debt the Obama Administration is piling on the American taxpayer and the future of newspapers.

You can call the station at 610-326-4000 with questions or comments.

"Talking Politics" can be heard every Thursday at 5 p.m. on WPAZ 1370 AM.

The one-hour show is simulcast at and

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Anonymous said...

In the Mercury Business section Wed. 25,09 I read that the Phila. Newspapers LLC is filing for bankruptcy. The circumstances surrounding the bankruptcy did not occur over night. They saw this comming yet the chief executive and two vice presidents voted themselves 30%+ raises in Dec 08. All three positions are paying almost twice the national average salary. Yet these three hogs knowing the paper is collapsing are going to gorge themselves on bailout money. Fortunately, this was exposed in bankruptcy court and the three little pigs got caught. They stated that the are surrendering their raises. Tierney a staunch Republic activist has flipped. The new American way. fail at business get a bailout and get a raise. Shades of Wall St. Reality.. to the Phila Newspapers investors get rid of the dead weight at the top. Tierney's back ground is public relations not the newspaper business. There are plenty of qualified editors that would accept the job and perform competently at the national average or below.