Friday, February 20, 2009

Construction industry pans Obama 'stimulus' package

Wasn't this rush to pass a "stimulus" bill supposed to be about jobs? Putting Americans back to work to fix our infrastructure? So how did Barack Obama and the Democrats screw it up?

From an op-ed by Mark A. Casso, Esq., president of the Construction Industry Round Table:
When the leaders of an industry like the design and construction community, represented by the Construction Industry Round Table (CIRT) can go from near universal support of the original stimulus package with its proposed targeting of timely infrastructure expenditures and some measure of tax relief - to a nearly universal concern (84% responding to a CIRT poll that the final package that passed into law is off target and not timely) - something drastic has occurred.
Read the full commentary at the link below:

Not All Spending Is Equal, Says CIRT

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