Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Memo to Obama: Please shut up!

Lowman S. Henry, writing at Lincoln Blog, has a request for Barack Obama and his administration. When it comes to the economy, "Please shut up!"

Henry says Obama may be the first president in history "to talk us into a recession."

From Henry:
"Every time the President or other top administration officials open their mouths the stock markets take another dive. Now at its lowest point since 1997, the markets have issued a resounding vote of no confidence in the President's policies.

What the markets fear most is uncertainty, and concerns about whether or not the most liberal administration in American history is set to nationalize one or more of the nation's biggest banks have frayed nerves on Wall Street."
The Obama Media won't point fingers at The Chosen One, but the Dow has dropped steadily during Obama's first month in the White House. Both the Dow Jones industrial average and the Standard & Poor's 500 index hit 12-year lows on Monday as Obama continues to send mixed signals. It's clear Wall Street has no confidence in Obama or his economic advisers.

Read Henry's full post at Lincoln Blog


Anonymous said...

I must say I concur....I am having voter's remorse. (And yes, I admit it)

Anonymous said...

if he was told to shut up the person stating such a statement would be branded a racist. Even though the people making such accusations are the real racists.

The question should be: Why aren't more people posting that "The One" should shut up?

Obama states that he won't quantify the economy based on day to day market numbers. Well that's pretty moronic as well as ignorant for a president to state. If he did quantify the economy by the market, we would be back on the rise.