Monday, June 30, 2008

Why are Europeans building American military fuel tankers?

I must have missed the news the first time around, but the Pentagon has awarded a contract to build 179 airborne fuel tankers to a European contractor instead of Boeing Co., which is based in the United States.

Why are we giving defense work to foreigners? Why are we sending American jobs overseas?

Pennsylvania Auditor General Jack Wagner, who wrote a letter to the U.S. Secretary of Defense objecting to the deal, says that awarding the contract to Boeing would have provided 44,000 jobs in 40 states.

Read more about this outrage (including Wagner's letter) at the link below.

Auditor General Jack Wagner Again Urges Secretary of Defense Gates to Award Tanker Contract to American Company

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Nathan Benefield said...

Because we want to save taxpayers money.

Because free trade lifts all boats.

Because protectionist policies to benefit Boeing's bottom line helps no one but Boeing's shareholders.

Because competition works better than monopolies (which in term of US providers of aircraft, Boeing is).

Because Boeing has a long history of cost over-runs, poor performance, and delayed delivery in previous contracts.

Because Boeing has a long histor of fraud and bribery in obtaining previous contracts.