Tuesday, June 17, 2008

'The Three Egos' who preside over Montco circus

Karen Heller, a lifestyles columnist for The Philadelphia Inquirer who doesn't normally write about politics, couldn't resist writing about the soap opera that is the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners.

It's a very entertaining look at "The Three Egos" who run Montgomery County: Democrat Joe Hoeffel, Republican Bruce Castor and Bi-Political Jim Matthews, who claims he's a Republican but always votes with Hoeffel.

"There are people who do not like each other. And then there are Jim Matthews, Joe Hoeffel and Bruce Castor, an axis of political ambition that can hardly be contained in a county, let alone at a solitary dais," Heller writes.

Read the full column, "Civic combat in Montco," here.

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