Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gun control advocates don't get it

The nation's largest gun control advocacy group is gloating over the fact that so-called "guns-on-campus" bills have been defeated in 15 states so far.

The measures were introduced after the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech in which a gunman killed 32 people in April 2007.

Two states, Michigan and Ohio, are still considering enacting legislation to permit guns on college campuses.

Do you get the sense that gun violence is a game for some of these "advocacy" groups?

There was an incident in Japan earlier this month where a man stabbed 17 people on a crowded Tokyo street, killing 7 of them. (One of the arguments the gun control lobby always trumps up is that you can't kill a lot of people unless you have a gun.)

Where were the calls to ban knives?

It's not the weapon. It's the lunatic using the weapon, whether it's a gun, a knife or a club.

That's where the gun control lobby and far left politicians like Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell don't get it.

How come nobody is proposing a "one-knife-a-month" bill in the Pennsylvania Legislature?

If the liberals who decry gun violence would just enforce existing gun laws, violence would be reduced in this country. Instead, they worry about the rights of criminals. They refuse to support hiring more police officers.

Read more about gun control at the link below.

Guns-on-Campus Bills Fail at State Level Across U.S.

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