Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rendell's 'Formula for failure'

Gov. Ed Rendell, who has increased state spending by nearly $8 billion since taking office in 2003 now wants the state to spend $2.6 billion more for public education over the next six years.

Who can argue against more money for public schools?

After all, doesn't Pennsylvania have top-notch schools after spending tens of billions of dollars? What's that? Our schools are failing? How can that be?

Isn't more money always the answer to any problem? That's what Rendell keeps saying. That's what the Democrats in the state Legislature keep saying. That's what Barack Obama keeps saying. That's what Democrats in Congress keep saying. Do you sense a pattern here?

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review says Rendell's call for more government spending on public schools is a "Formula for failure" in its latest editorial.

"Shoveling in more money and hoping for a different result is sheer foolishness," the newspaper says. "The far better investment in public education is to advance and augment school choice and, with that, competition for public school dollars."

Read the full editorial at the newspaper's Web site,

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