Thursday, June 19, 2008

Montco GOP reorganizes, launches new Web site

Montgomery County Republican Chairman Robert J. Kerns has shuffled the deck to install his own leadership team and the party has redesigned its Web site and relaunched it at

The Montgomery County Republican Committee has a new slimmed down executive committee to help Kerns guide the "minority" party back to its previous status as the county's dominant political party.

Kerns, who took over as chairman in May from embattled Ken Davis, announced this week that the new composition of the executive committee will give a greater voice to the party's committee members, says reporter Margaret Gibbons.

The new executive committee includes the party's 15 area leaders, Gibbons says.

In addition to Kerns, party Vice Chairwoman Sharon Thomas of Pottstown and Treasurer Dr. Robert Griffith, the executive committee will include five chairman appointments, Gibbons says.

Kerns told Gibbons that, in the past, there were no limits to the number of chairman appointments and this diluted the impact of the committee members through their area leaders.

Under Ken Davis, the previous GOP executive committee had some 50-plus members, Kerns told Gibbons.

"I promised a 'bottom up' approach to decision making instead of everything coming from the top down," Kerns told Gibbons "This is part of that new approach to leadership in the party."

The five members appointed by Kerns to serve on the executive committee are: Lower Merion Township Commissioner Jennifer Brown, county GOP Finance Chairman Vahan Gureghian of Lower Merion, Whitpain GOP Chairman Brian Miles, former Upper Merion area leader Robert Montemayor and Douglass GOP Chairman Marcy Toepel.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see a housecleaning at the Montco GOP. Things got really bad under the previous regime. We have no place to go but up.