Friday, June 20, 2008

Alycia Lane update

The Latina Bombshell has struck again.

Alycia Lane, former newsreader at CBS 3 in Philadelphia and a woman who has a habit of making the news instead of just reading it on TV, has filed her long-threatened lawsuit against her former employer.

Lane lost her $700,000-a-year anchorwoman job earlier this year after she was arrested in New York City for allegedly punching a female cop. (Most of the serious charges have already been dismissed, although the case has not been resolved yet).

That incident followed an earlier one in which she e-mailed bikini photos of herself to a former male colleague. The man's wife intercepted the photos and all hell broke loose. Lane, whose nickname is "The Latina Bombshell," also made a tearful appearance on Dr. Phil to talk about her divorce.

Both Philadelphia newspapers are all over the lawsuit.

Read Philadelphia Inquirer's coverage here.

Read the Philadelphia Daily News coverage here.

It's the cover story in the Daily News, which appropriately, is a tabloid.

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