Friday, June 27, 2008

Obama will say anything to get elected

Barack Obama continues to change his position on major issues such as gun control, energy, terrorism and public financing of political campaigns.

For a weekly recap of the Obama Subterfuge Campaign, follow the link below.

RNC: This Week in Change II - Obama Adopts Most Politically Expedient Position on Important Issues, Again


Anonymous said...

I've been hearing stuff on TV about the so-called "Obamicans" who are Republicans supporting Barack Obama. I can't believe anybody in their right mind would consider voting for such a far left loon like Obama.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it's disgraceful how Obama backtracks, but other liberals like Ralph Nader were already quick to point that out much earlier on, so Republicans shouldn't feel too smug about announcing this. In fact when it is said by the Republicans it just looks like a smear tactic and does no good - it simply angers the Democrats and excites Republicans. But with a lackluster candidate like McCain whom a lot of Republicans don't like anyway, some excitement could be helpful.

Why not be fair and point out how McCain has backtracked and will likewise say anything to get elected?

I guess people excuse McCain for apparently changing his mind on positions. In most cases I don't think he's changed his mind, he has simply forgotten what he orginally believed in.