Tuesday, June 24, 2008

School board gives Obama a free pass at taxpayer expense

Seven of the nine members of the Reading School Board are Democrats.

They also appear to be Barack Obama supporters.

The board decided not to charge the Barack Obama campaign anything for a campaign stop at a school district building. (A nearby school district charged Hillary Clinton's campaign about $6,000 for a similar appearance.)

It's not that Obama couldn't afford the rental fee. The Obama camp raised $250 million in its quest to win the Democratic Party nomination.

So why should taxpayers get stuck with the bill for a political appearance?

The two Republican members of the Reading School Board would like to know.

Board member William F. Cinfici told the rest of the board that he believes waiving usage fees for Obama represents an "in-kind donation to the campaign from the district, which is illegal and unfair to city taxpayers," according to the Reading Eagle.

The other Republican board member, Keith Stamm, didn't comment at Monday's meeting, but has questioned the special treatment of Obama in the past.

Read the full story at the newspaper's Web site.

It's bad enough that the national media is already working on behalf of the Obama campaign. Governing bodies like the Reading School District shouldn't be throwing around tax dollars on political campaigns.

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Anonymous said...

Tony, didn't you know that this was all "educational" according to our $140'000+ super, who's just a puppet for the board president.

Gee...I'm sure she would have been just as "enthusiastic" if McCain would have been here instead of the great Obama...