Friday, June 20, 2008

Charley Reese on why Obama can't win

Charley Reese, one of the most astute political columnists in the country, believes Sen. Barack Obama has little chance of winning the presidency.

"I don't think he will ever see the inside of the White House except as a visitor," Reese writes in a recent column. "He has two things going against him. He's African-American, and he's way too liberal for most Americans."

Barring a gargantuan blunder by the Republican candidate, John McCain, those two factors will put Obama on the short end of the vote count, Reese argues.

Athough no one is going to admit to being prejudiced to a pollster or a journalist, race is a factor in America, Reese says.

"I believe there remains a substantial number of people who simply will not vote to put an African-American in the White House," Reese says.

Besides the race factor, Obama is way too liberal for mainstream Americans, Reese argues.

"There is not a stupid idea about gun control that Obama hasn't supported either verbally or with his vote," Reese writes. "The Second Amendment was not written for duck hunters. It was written for self-defense and for defense against tyranny. Obama ought to talk to some of the people who survived the civil-rights revolution about how they stayed up all night with their private firearms to protect their families. He ought to research the old Jim Crow laws, which banned blacks from owning certain kinds of firearms."

As much as he dislikes John McCain (and Republicans in general), Reese says he cannot support Obama.

"If my choice is between a guy who may bomb Iran and one who shows such contempt for the Constitution as to support gun control, then the Iranians need to start working on their bomb shelters," Reese writes. A man ignorant of or contemptuous of the Second Amendment cannot be trusted to obey any of the Bill of Rights. He cannot be trusted to appoint sensible judges. Americans need to send a clear message to all politicians that our rights are non-negotiable."

Read the full column at The Mercury's Web site.

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