Monday, June 30, 2008

Newspaper: School board showed favoritism for Obama

The very liberal Reading Eagle took a swipe at the Reading School Board on its editorial pages Sunday over the board's decision not to charge Sen. Barack Obama for a political stop earlier this year.

The Obama campaign held a rally at Reading High School but was not charged a rental fee or asked to reimburse the district for any other costs involved with opening the school's gymnasium complex on a weekend.

The district superintendent and the majority of school board members (7 of the 9 members are Democrats) said the event was educational so they waived the fees.

It should be pointed out that very few Reading students were in attendance at the rally.

The district's solicitor, who works at the pleasure of the school board, ruled that the board did not violate any laws by waiving the fees.

But the Reading Eagle argues that district taxpayers should not have gotten stuck with the bill for the event.

"It would be difficult to make the case the board acted illegally, but it placed an undue burden on taxpayers," the newspaper said.

Read the full editorial here.

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