Monday, April 20, 2009

Citizens Against Net Taxes launches

If politicians could figure out a way to tax the air we breathe, they'd jump all over it.

One area that has resisted taxation so far is the Internet. But don't think for a minute that politicians aren't trying to figure out a way to tap into the massive potential to tax digital goods and services downloaded to your computer or mobile device.

That's where Citizens Against Net Taxes comes in.

The coalition has launched a new Web-based campaign to prevent politicians from taxing the Internet. The push includes an online petition in opposition to these taxes.

"As states work to address budget challenges, we are concerned that legislators will take the short-sighted position and raise taxes on digital goods -- a move that will increase costs for consumers and cause further harm to our economy," Randy Skoglund, executive director, Americans for Technology Leadership, said in a release. "State legislatures must encourage online economic activity that will help stimulate the economy. Imposing new taxes on the online sector will hurt already cash-strapped consumers, deter investment from technology companies and ultimately dampen state economic growth."

Citizens Against Net Taxes (CANT) is urging taxpayers to take a stand now against this added tax burden, and invites all to join the cause by signing an online petition at

For more on the campaign, check out the press release at this link:

Coalition Established to Fight Taxes on Digital Goods

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