Monday, April 27, 2009

100 days into a failed presidency

Montgomery County resident Ray Chernaskey does a good job of summarizing the failed presidency of Barack Obama in this Letter to the Editor published in The Pottstown Mercury.
Summing up Obama: A boorish amateur

To all the liberals, Democrats, and uninformed who supported President Barack Hussein Obama:

How's this working out so far? He can't fill his cabinet without appointing tax cheats (including the head of the Treasury Department), several appointees decided he was an empty suit and declined his offer. He appoints an attorney general that says America is racist (a ridiculous statement since the U.S. has done more for equal rights than any country in the world and race issues are 30 years old. He runs around Europe apologetic for the U.S. and pandering to extremist Muslims, appoints a moronic economic advisory chief from "Cal Berserk-ley" who wants to socialize our economy, and appoints another staffer who says America is a disgrace and tortures people (again uninformed and moronically ideological).

The liberals and Dems screamed about the President Bush economic deficit. Have they and the press pulled their heads out of their derrieres and looked up lately? A deficit that is astronomically and exponentially more voluminous than anything ever seen in American history (Obama has now spent more money in his first 100 days than America spent in the last collective 200 years!).

And for those who repeatedly bash President Bush (obvious "Bush Derangement Syndrome"), may I remind you that we were under 5 percent unemployment two years ago; then the Democrats took over Congress. The rest is history. Look it up. Rep. Barney Frank and Sen. Christopher Dodd are the real culprits for this sub-prime mortgage fiasco. Barney Frank's gay lover was an executive at Fannie Mae and was severely influenced by the urban redevelopment position of Frank to write, accept, and package very bad loans in the "spirit" of community investment for the underprivileged (a.k.a. — Aren't responsible and can't pay).

And now the worst and reason for this letter. America is being held hostage by a barbaric bunch of thugs from Somalia! The same savages that killed U.S. personnel and hung them in effigy in Mogadishu. Savages with AK47s at the best who think they can pirate an American flagged ship —hasn't happened in 200 years. Why do they think they can do this? Because the U.S. has a weak, spineless, apologetic, appeasing president that the world knows whom they can take advantage. Do you think Somalia thugs would try this on President Bush, Reagan, or even Clinton? North Korea launces a rocket over Japan and our fearless leader asks the U.N. to admonish them? Oh, that always works. Can you imagine how hard Putin is laughing right now?

But Cambridge, Berserk-ley, Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco (the city that won't let the Marines recruit), and an unbelievably naive American public elected a guy who is in way over his head because he is cool. For crying out loud, he is still campaigning; (when did a real "presidential quality" person go on late night television?) — very chief executive-like. He is boorish and an amateur. In addition, supporters forget or ignore, that he come from Chicago, Ill. — the most corrupt political city and state on the planet.

I love America. I love our Constitution and system of government, but this time America made a huge mistake. If you are not old enough to remember the President Jimmy Carter debacle, fasten your seat belt, you are in for a ride that you will not believe. I hope you ultimately feel the embarrassment for America that I now feel. And I haven't even mentioned our president's Marxist disposition or the insane corporate bailouts. Are we a capitalistic economy anymore?

Our president got a huge reception in Europe. Who cares? Does America want to be Europe? I say no. What works in Europe? It is chic, but pathetic. Can you imagine a world without America's contribution? Think about it, where would the Soviet Union, Middle East, Africa (where President Bush is given credit for saving a million lives with his AIDs policy) and every nation that has a tsunami, earthquake, or uprising be without America. Maybe America is made up of saps, I don't know.

We got what we voted for but not what we deserve. Smarten up America!


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