Monday, April 27, 2009

Does Obama have Swine Flu?

President Barack Obama says there is no "cause for alarm" over the growing threat of Swine Flu. Is this guy feeling alright? Can somebody take his temperature?

Did Obama contract a case of the flu during his recent visit to Mexico?

Does this guy read a newspaper or watch television?

How else would you explain Obama's comment in light of the following headlines:
World on alert for Swine Flu

Department of Health and Human Services declare public health emergency

U.S. advises against Mexico trips

World Health Organization Chief: Swine Flu Has 'Pandemic Potential'

Europen Union advises against traveling to the United States

Mexico has reported 1,600 cases, and 150 deaths so far

At least 40 Swine Flu cases confirmed in U.S.

Oil falls on worries swine flu may halt economic recovery

Asia-Pacific region on high alert against swine flu

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