Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wagner: Nothing illegal about PLCB 'Charm School' contract

It may have been a monumental waste of money, but the recent awarding of a $173,820 employee training contract by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to the husband of a PLCB regional manager did not violate any laws, says Pennsylvania Auditor General Jack Wagner.

Wagner anounced today that the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board did not violate state law but that it did exercise poor judgment in awarding the contract, creating the appearance of a conflict of interest.

"In awarding a contract to the spouse of one of its regional managers, the PLCB should have anticipated the reasonable public questioning that would result over a potential conflict of interest, regardless of whether that conflict was an actual conflict or the appearance of a conflict," Wagner said.

Read Wagner's full statement at the link below:

Pennsylvania Auditor General Jack Wagner Finds PLCB Contract in Compliance with Law, but Urges Board to Improve Procurement Procedures

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