Thursday, July 24, 2008

PA AFL-CIO endorses every Democrat running for office

Let's see if this makes any sense. Membership in labor unions has been shrinking for the past 50 years. The influence of labor unions has been declining. Wages are falling and jobs are leaving the U.S.

But Big Labor keeps endorsing Democrats. Has it occurred to anyone that the decline of the American labor movement is tied with its blind allegiance to the Democratic Party?

Just thinking out loud.

It appears that the AFL-CIO brain trust in Pennsylvania has once again found the Democratic Party candidates more qualified for every state and national office.

That includes Rep. Bill DeWeese, who presided over the state House of Representatives during the Bonusgate scandal.

The endorsements also include state Rep. Sean M. Ramaley, who is seeking the vacant 47th state Senate seat. Ramaley was one of the 12 Democratic Party officials indicted in the Bonusgate corruption probe.

"These candidates have proven themselves to be the friends and supporters of working families," Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President William George said in a written statement.

How many of the endorsed Democrats were "friends of working families" when they spent $4 million in tax dollars for illegal campaign work on state time?

What a joke.

For a full list of the incumbent Democrats who have raised taxes on Pennsylvania's working families and approved massive government borrowing that will saddle young Pennsylvanians with billions of dollars in debt, follow the link below:

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Resoundingly Reaffirms Endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for President and Announces Endorsements for Statewide Row Offices, U.S. Congress and State Legislature


NEPAConservative said...

My father-in-law (now retired)belonged to the machinists union and every year they would take his money and donate and endorse Liberals...EVEN THOUGH HE DID AGREE.

How is it they can take union members dues and do this when clearly they don't have their members support ?

So typical of liberals, they know what's better for us in all cases. I can't believe they are even supporting DeWeese..WOW. Talk about arrogance !

Anonymous said...

I was forced to join a union at a previous job. Never did me any good. They just took dues out of my check every week. The union never did a thing for me. And I certainly don't like the fact that unions blindly support Democrats.