Friday, July 25, 2008

Democrats staging a coup?

Are we going to make it to the Nov. 4 election or will the Democrats in this country take power by force before then?

Greg Lewis is wondering if the Democratic Party machine (including the mainstream media) will not only steamroll John McCain but flatten our system of democracy.

Writing at, he says:
It appears as though McCain is but the latest victim of the coup that's taking place in Congress and among the so-called "mainstream" media. The Republican presidential candidate could either rework his submission so that it conforms to the New York Times and the communist party's idea of what the U.S. strategy should be, or he can simply choose not to have the article appear in the Times. To his credit, he chose to publish it in the New York Post rather than capitulate to the adversary of free speech that the NYP has become.

What's happening in America right now is no longer an election, it's a coup d'├ętat, and the degree to which we as free Americans let this happen through our not opposing Obama's candidacy and the candidacies of other Democrats who support the coup is the degree to which we guarantee that the hell that Democrats have in mind for us comes nearer to realization.
Read the full column, "We're Experiencing a Democratic Coup," at his Web site.

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