Monday, July 21, 2008

'If you've got troubles, we've got beer'

There's a story in the West Chester Daily Local News that shows how ridiculous things have gotten in this "politically correct" society that we live in.

A pizza shop owner put this message on the sign outside his story in Chester Springs: "If you’ve got troubles, we've got beer."

Vinny Cracchiolo, owner of Vinny's Pizza of Chester Springs, told the newspaper the message was intended to make people chuckle.

"I honestly don't put that much thought into it. We're going for a joke. My angle was it seemed funny and a good way to joke with people and tell them I got beer," Cracchiolo said.

But some local yokels thought the sign might promote irresponsible drinking or underage drinking.

As if anyone under 21 needed a sign to entice them to drink beer. Have you watched a sporting event on television these days? It's wall-to-wall beer ads.

Read more about the "controversy" in the Daily Local News.

1 comment:

Bill Shaw said...

Leave it to some lib-tard social working counselor to twist this out of proportion. They guy was advertising beer, plain and simple.

If I passed a seafood store that had a sign that claimed "we have crabs" would people who have had the sexually transmitted vermin feel picked-on? I think not.

Alcoholism is a condition that one brings on him/herself. To feel slighted in any way by someone who advertises that they sell beer is stupid and ludicrous.

These lib-tards need to get aq life.