Thursday, July 24, 2008

Did I miss the election?

Did I forget to vote for president? What day is it? Did I fall asleep for four months only to wake up on Nov. 5 to the news that Barack Obama has been elected president?

The Republican National Committee says the Obama camp has confirmed that it is already planning the presidential transition. That's what I call confidence ... or is it arrogance?

The polls have Barack Obama ahead of John McCain, but those very same polls had John Kerry ahead of George W. Bush. In fact, the exit polls on Election Day 2004 had Kerry winning the presidency.

Won't the Obama campaign have egg on its face if he loses? Why don't we allow the American people to actually cast their ballots before declaring Obama the winner?

Follow the link below for more from the RNC on Obama's presidential transition plans.

RNC: Obama's Campaign Planning Presidential Transition

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