Monday, July 28, 2008

Bumstead: 'Arrogance constant in Legislature'

Brad Bumstead does a great job of covering the Pennsylvania Legislature and once-a-week he gets to tell us what he really things of the men and women who make up the largest, most expensive state legislature in the country.

In his latest column, Bumstead says the one word that best describes the Pennsylvania Legislature is "arrogance."

Bumstead writes:
Thanks to Attorney General Tom Corbett's investigation, we now know how millions of our tax dollars have been spent getting incumbents and Democrat candidates elected. It's clear tax dollars were abused even in the aftermath of the 2005 pay-jacking.

Corbett is continuing to investigate House Republicans and the Senate GOP and Democrats. More arrests are expected, he says. And with them, no doubt, more revelations of stunning, damn-the-taxpayer arrogance.
Read "Arrogance constant in Legislature" at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Web site.

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